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Jun. 19th, 2015

Our friend Carl died last Friday. I can't believe that it's already been a week. Holy shit. His funeral is tomorrow. Our friend Mario said that he would come pick us up and drive us over there for the service. I know that Adrian is going to be a wreck, because he and Carl were friends for ~20 years, so we're talking half of Adrian's life here (he turns 40 in September).

We got the official letter from our building's new owner/management company, stating that our lease, which ends t the end of November 2015, won't be renewed, so at least now we have a timeframe for when we have to get out by.

I interviewed for a job at the public library in Gloucester, Mass. last Friday, and even though I thought that the interview went well, and even though my boss knows the Director/Assistant Director of that library, and even though she said that they told her that they liked me, and that I made a good impression on them, I still didn't get the job. :[

I went to a TEDx Cambridge event last night. To date, I've gone to three TEDx Cambridge events. The big difference between last night's event and the last TEDx event that I went to was that last night's event was held at the Back Bay Events Center in Boston instead of in the Kendall Square area. Last night's speakers were all great, and definitely of the same quality of the speakers whom I've heard speak at previous events, but if I'm being honest, I liked the event more when it was held in the Kendall Square area. I think that by having it at the Back Bay Events Center, it lost a lot of the funky vibe that I liked. It also didn't help that people kept getting up from their seats between speakers, and that the woman sitting next to me kept checking her phone. I mean, really. You paid ~$80 for your ticket (plus fees for buying it online), and you're going to leave early, and/or sit there and check your phone for messages? I doubt that you are *that* important that you can't turn your phone off for ninety minutes/two hours.

In any event, I have some errands to run today. If I can get a haircut, mail off some paperwork for Adrian, do laundry, and cook dinner, then it will have been a good day.


Our friend Carl may be on his way out.

Background: Adrian has been friends with Carl for years. Adrian met Carl (and a bunch of other people he is still friends with) when he moved to Cambridge from Los Angeles to attend MIT in the late summer/early fall of 1993. I met Carl when Adrian and I started dating in January 2009. I've known Carl for over six (6) years, and Adrian has known him for over twenty (20).

A few years ago, Carl got sick, and the virus/whatever it was that he got sick with weakened his heart. Carl has been in and out of the hospital since at least 2010 with heart and weight related health issues. The upshot of this is that Carl needed a heart transplant, and my understanding is that the doctors he has been seeing over the last few years have been trying, with mixed results, to get his weight, blood pressure, and other things under control, and to a point where he could be put on the heart transplant list.

In this most recent go-round, he has been in the hospital since the end of March, I believe. He was in Boston Medical for about a month (late March to late April), and then he was transferred to MGH (Mass General), which is where he currently is.

Adrian got a text message from his friend Eddie late Sunday/early Monday of this week, letting him know that Carl had taken a turn for the worse overnight. We visited Carl at MGH last night (Tuesday), and on Monday night. Carl did not look good. He looked diminished. He was heavily sedated, and was hooked up to a lot of machines, and had a tube down his throat. All of this machine was designed to help him breathe, and to keep his heart pumping.

I honestly don't know what's going to happen. The waiting and the not knowing is the hardest part. I ran into one of Carl's brothers yesterday. He told me that if we wanted to visit Carl in the hospital again, then we should do it tonight (last night). The messages that I have been getting from a few different people seem to indicate that it's unlikely that Carl will last another day, unless a miracle happens, or he gets a new heart.


The last three months have been rather uneventful.

The second half of February 2015:

It snowed. A lot. Thanks to the snow that w got in just the month of February alone, the winter of 2014-2015 is now the snowiest winter on record. We're #1!!! We're #1!!!!

March 2015:

I visited my Mom for her birthday. This viisit was a lot less stressful for me than when I visited for her birthday in 2014. My Mom wasn't sick for one thing, and for another thing, we weren't running around like crazy people trying to get shit done for my wedding.

April and May 2015:

I am lumping these two months together because what I did in April was mirrored throughout the month of May. In both April and May, I worked a lot (extended hours started at the Wheelock College library, which meant that we were open until 1am five days a week during the last 2-3 weeks of the semester). I volunteered a bit at Rosie's Place, which always leaves me with a satisfied, "I am helping people!" feeling.

Adrian attended Anime Boston the first weekend of April, which was also the weekend of Easter. We saw the movie "Ex Machina" together, which we both enjoyed. We saw a documentary film called "I am Big Bird", about Caroll Spinney, the man who has been performing as Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for the last ~40 years.

I've seen quite a bit of local theater in the last two months.

  • Orlando: A play adaptation of Virginia Woolf's book of the same name

  • Shrek: The Musical: musical put on by the Wheelock Family Theatre

  • City of Angels: show put on by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston. Very Good.

  • Guys and Dolls: Musical put on by the Longwood Players. Very Good. Seen at the Cambridge YMCA

  • Scenes from an Adultery: Put on by New Rep Theater, in Watertown. I liked this show, but afterward, I found myself kicking around ideas of how I would expand upon the play. If the playwright added in all of my suggestions, then the show would be a lot longer than one act!

  • Light up the Sky: show put on by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston. Very Good. The last show of their 2014-2015 season

  • God's Ear: Put on my the Actor's Shakespeare Project. New play about loss, and how that changes people and relationships

  • Henry VI: Part 2: Last show of the Actor's Shakespeare Project's 2014-2015 season. Adrian bought us tickets to this show as his birthday present to me.

  • Mothers & Sons: Show put on by SpeakEasy Stage Company. The last show of their 2014-2015 season, it is a one act, 90-100 minute show about a woman who travels to New York City from Texas to visit/confront her dead son's former partner. I didn't dislike this show, but I did like The Submission more.

  • The Submission: Show put on by Zeitgeist Stage Company, and the last show of their 2014-2015 season. I liked this show better than Mothers & Sons.

That's ten shows in two months! I did get the tickets to see Shrek for free, since I work at Wheelock, and Adrian did buy the tickets for Henry VI, but as for the rest, I was able to swing buying those tickets because I did work quite a few extra hours at my job, plus the theatre companies that put on these shows do ofter discounted tickets for weekday matinees, and for the 25/35/40 crowd. I also found a discount code for Mothers & Sons through TheaterMania.

I also saw a show called A Future Perfect back at the beginning of February that I enjoyed quite a bit. We do have tickets for one more show - the Huntington Theater Company's last show of their 2014-2015 season is a play entitled After All the Terrible Things I Do. We're seeing that tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm.

I do feel weirdly pleased with myself about all of the theater I have seen recently. All of the local theater companies have announced their 2015-2016 seasons, and if I was going to buy season subscriptions to any of the theater companies around here, I'd probably go for a season subscription for the Actor's Shakespeare Project and the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, because those two companies have the most shows that I want to see next year.

In other news, my cousin Sarah graduated from college (Bachelor's degree from La Salle University in Philadelphia), and she will be starting a Master's degree program at Seton Hall University later this year. She's going for a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology, and will probably be getting an off campus apartment with her cousin Nicole.

Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning

What do you really need to get rid of?

I have some books that I want to donate, and Adrian has about half a box of papers that he needs to sort through and either toss or organize.

Writer's Block: Just Say No!

What bad habit have you broken?

I stopped drinking soda completely in early 2006. I didn't like the amount of Coca-Cola that I was drinking, so I went cold turkey. Had really horrible withdrawal/craving symptoms for a few weeks and then I was fine.

I fell of the wagon for a few months when I first moved in with Adrian in 2010. Adrian loves root beer, and I started drinking root beer when we had friends over on Thursday nights for gaming. I decided to go cold turkey again because I was/still am trying to lose weight and I didn't want to be ingesting as many empty calories.

Writer's Block: Back to the Future

Given the choice of time travel, would you go back in time or forward?

I would travel back in time. I feel that if I traveled forward in time, I would come back feeling monumentally depressed about the future of mankind.
Describe your perfect pizza.

Thin crust (like a cracker basically). Good tomato sauce. Cheese. Mushrooms. Rosemary. There is a family owned pizza restaurant in NJ, near where my aunt and uncle live, that does really amazing thin crust pizza - as in, I would drive to NJ just for their pizza.

Writer's Block: Quantity vs. Quality

Would you rather have a small amount of something very good, or a large amount of something that's okay but not great?

I would rather have a small amount of something very good.

Keith Olbermann on Prop 8......

I thought I would post this here, since there is going to be a protest against Prop 8 here in Boston tomorrow afternoon. I felt myself tearing up watching this video. Thank you Keith.

~later days~

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